Volunteeer Work in Ecuador, Ecuador Tierra Viva Foundation Volunteeer Work in Ecuador, Ecuador Tierra Viva Foundation Volunteeer Work in Ecuador, Ecuador Tierra Viva Foundation Volunteeer Work in Ecuador, Ecuador Tierra Viva Foundation Volunteeer Work in Ecuador, Ecuador Tierra Viva Foundation Volunteeer Work in Ecuador, Ecuador Tierra Viva Foundation Volunteeer Work in Ecuador, Ecuador Tierra Viva Foundation
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Why are we doing this? ETV’s aim
What are the ETV projects all about?
 Who benefits from an ETV project?
Where are the ETV projects?
When do ETV projects take place?
How can I help ETV?


Why are we doing this? ETV’s aim

The primary aim of Ecuador Tierra Viva Foundation is to stimulate development within host communities throughout Ecuador by provision of appropriate technology and resources. We are working on a series of projects with disadvantaged communities to improve their standard of living by finding practical solutions to problems concerning water, sanitation and education. Our projects succeed by bridging the gap between these local needs and the resources that will make a life changing difference.


What are the ETV projects all about?

Our projects tackle the three distinct yet complimentary tasks of clean water, health/sanitation and education. We are often involved with two or all three project types within the host community, this accelerates local development and helps the community achieve important long-term goals. Our principle project aims are outlined below:


Clean Water Projects


Supply and distribution of potable water


Health and Sanitation Projects


Construction and upgrade of  kitchens in schools and pre school facilities
Construction and upgrade of toilets in schools and pre school facilities.
Provision of sewage disposal systems


Education Projects


Construction and upgrade of school and pre school facilities
Provision of school books and teaching material
Working in conjunction with The Book Bus to provide a mobile library service
Teaching English where appropriate to
Adult education in agroindustry and English
Improving learning opportunities for all students.



Who benefits from an ETV project?


Ecuador's population is burdened by unequal distribution of wealth which has created widening division between the upper and lower classes. The national poverty rate is estimated at 35 percent and in some rural areas poverty affects almost 70 percent of non-urban dwellers.


The largest segment of Ecuador's population includes peasants and subsistence farmers, informal sector vendors, agribusiness employees, temporary workers, and the unemployed. Most of these Ecuadorians are denied the education and connections to gain access to the small professional sector and are thus confined to low-paid jobs. ETV projects implement measures to improve the standard of living to impoverished communities in rural and urban areas of the country.


The ETV outreach program develops links with disadvantaged and impoverished communities that are lacking water, sanitation and educational facilities. We identify specific problem areas and evaluate the steps required to create acceptable solutions. Project partnership with the community is an important aspect of our work and their participation in the project from conception to completion greatly increases its chances of success.


Where are the ETV projects?


Ecuador's name comes from the Equator, which divides it unequally, putting most of the country in the Southern Hemisphere. It may be the smallest Andean country, but it has four distinct and contrasting regions. The Costa, or coastal plains, the Sierra, or Andean uplands, the Oriente, or Amazon jungles and the Galápagos Islands, volcanic islands 960 kilometers west of Ecuador. The ETV project programme is active in all four regions of the country.


When do ETV projects take place?


There are several factors that affect the timing of our projects: where clement weather conditions are desirable we work during the regional dry season; school holidays influence the timing of our educational projects; volunteer availability is another determining factor. Essentially, we are usually running a project somewhere in the country at any time of the year, there may be a greater concentration of work in the period from May to September.


How can I help ETV?


We are most grateful for any kind of support and you can help our projects in two ways: firstly, you can make a donation using the donation facility on this website or secondly, you can make a joint financial/working contribution by joining us in Ecuador as a project volunteer.


To make a donation click here

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If you are considering Ecuador as a destination then why not include Ecuador Tierra Viva in your travel plans? ETV supports and implements social, environmental and educational programs where government funding just doesn’t get through. You can support our work by participating in one of our Adventure volunteering projects. Click here for more information.


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